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    Published: 15.01.2019

    Better Than Steam Cleaning For Your Carpet

    When it comes to cleaning carpets, there a many different ways to skin the proverbial cat.

    A standard carpet steam cleaner is a solid option but there are other other ways to achieve a deeper clean, such as hot water extraction.

    Let us tell you a few reasons why this is the best method for deep cleaning your carpet:

    A Thorough Carpet Cleaner

    Hot water extraction works by firing superheated steam deep into the carpet bed which means your carpet is cleaned from base to tip.

    A dry or shampoo clean will only remove dust, dirt and stains from the surface of your carpet. This method will leave the deeper parts of the carpet fibre untouched.

    Hot water extraction gets to every part of the individual carpet fibres and suck the dirty wastewater up and away from the surface quickly and efficiently.

    Chemical Free

    Dry cleaning and shampooing methods require a chemical solution to be applied to the carpet before the vacuuming process begins and this can then leave residue that isn’t fully picked up by the cleaning equipment.

    This usually means you will still be able to smell the cleaning agent long after the cleaning process has finished and may also damage the fibres in the long run.

    The hot water extraction method uses little or no cleaning agents apart from heated water vapour and gets deeper into the carpet bed without harming the fibres.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Hot water extraction doesn’t require the use of harsh chemicals that can remain in the carpet, cause allergies or harm to your family and pets.

    This method also makes sure that any liquid is quickly extracted out so you won’t have to worry about dampness causing mildew or molds to form in the inner fibres of your carpet.

    If the process is done every six months, not only will you have the cleanest, best looking carpets in the neighbourhood, your carpet’s life could be extended by as much as five to ten years with regular maintenance.

    Saving You Time and Money

    The hot water extraction method takes a fraction of the time of a shampoo or dry cleaning method and works more efficiently than a standard carpet steam cleaner.

    When using a chemical cleaning method, you will have to fork out for expensive cleaning agents, apply said agents and leave them to work for a number of hours before the vacuuming can even commence.

    With a hot water extraction setup, everything is done at the same time and is quick, easy and far more effective than other traditional cleaning methods.

    If you are looking for a cleaning service that will do a better job than a regular carpet steam cleaner company, contact The Carpet Surgeon on (07) 5502 9217 or visit us online for a free quote.

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