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    How To Get Rid Of Pet Stains And Urine From Carpets

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    Published: 01.08.2016

    What quality differentiates humans from animals? As humans, we have the ability to rationalize. Although some evidence may prove the contrary, rationale allows us to differentiate between right and wrong. Animals on the other hand are instinctive. Their activity is a consequence of “need”. Animals do not rationalize but function on intuition.

    How To Get Rid Of Pet Stains And Urine From CarpetsThus, it is no wonder some humans love their pets more than other humans. While humans; whether friend or family, will one day grow out of love or cease affection, pets will love you unconditionally. Treat your pet well and they will love you forever!

    Your pet will seek affection and give you love when you most need it. Dogs can sense if the human is depressed and needs company. A cat will approach you if it wants to be scratched or hugged. Often times, your pet will leave you a souvenir. Dogs are known to leave chewed up bones at their master’s feet. Cats are great “thieves”; often stealing things from other houses as a “gift”.

    However, sometimes pets leave an “offering” which has an indelible mark on your carpet and senses.

    If there is one thing that humans have in common with their pets is the genuine comfort they have in treading over carpets. Its fibers are lush, feel like grass on our feet and gives warmth. A carpet can feel so natural that often times, it will invite the pet to urinate on it, or worse, as if he was outdoors.

    How To Get Rid Of Pet Stains And Urine From CarpetsAnimals also love marking their territory. And because animals are intuitive, if they associate the home with their master, your pet will leave its dreadful scent behind. The usual recipient of this scent is the carpet.

    Pet urine and other animal discharges not only cause heavy stains and odors but carry deadly bacteria as well. When you suspect your carpet has pet stains, it would be best to remove it right away.

    Here are a few steps to eliminate pet stains from your carpet:

    1. First of all, let us assume you have not found them. You own a pet and he loves to stay indoors. In all likelihood, your pet has left discharges that have caused stain and odors.

    There are some online references that will advise you to locate the discharges by going down on all fours and “smelling them out”. I will not advise that because discharges, no matter how old, may still carry bacteria.

    • Identify the rooms or areas in the house you pet frequents. If you can’t smell it, ask a friend who hardly goes to your house to enter the area and tell you if it smells “funky”.
    • Use “black light” technology to find stain on carpets.
    • Observe the behavior of your pet whenever he is inside your home.
    • Check where he always goes and stays for the longest time. Chances are his scent is there.

    2. If the urine stain is fresh, soak up as much of it by using paper towels. An effective technique is to place a newspaper under the stained area, a layer of paper towels on it and another sheet of newspaper on top of the paper towels. Then stand on top of the newspaper sheet for one minute. Remove the damp paper towels and newspapers and repeat the process until it is dry.

    Spray the area with an enzymatic cleanser which helps break down the stain and remove odors. Blot the area with paper towels until it is dry. You can purchase an enzymatic cleanser from any pet store.

    Once the carpet is dry, sprinkle with baking soda and leave on for 30 minutes before vacuuming.

    3. If the urine stain is old has set onto the carpet, use a wet vac or an extractor. A wet vac works like a vacuum cleaner in that it forces clean water into the carpet’s fibers and forces out the dirty water for extraction. There are companies that rent these wet vacs.

    Once the area is dry, spray it with an enzymatic cleanser to remove remaining stains and odors.

    There have been cases were unattended pet urine has soaked deep into the carpet’s fibers that cleaning was no longer sufficient. A complete removal of the stained area was the only solution.

    Pets are best kept outdoors. Not only will they stain your carpets and other areas in your home but they will track in mites, fleas, ticks and other unwanted pests.

    But if the thought of leaving your pet out in the cold is too much for you, leave the used, soaked up paper towels on the litter box. This sends the message to your pet that he should relieve himself on the litter box and not the carpet.

    If you want your home to be 100% free of pet odors, unwanted stains and carpet repairs expertly conducted, hire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company. You only need to contract a professional carpet cleaner every three to six months. But their service will ensure the life and quality of your carpet.

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