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    Is Regular Carpet Cleaning Important?

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    Published: 03.09.2019

    Carpets are one of the things people take most for granted in their homes or workplaces. Precisely because they are things you walk on, what condition they are in is something not often thought about. While this attitude is understandable, it often has some unfortunate consequences, especially for the home or business owner. If and when carpets start to show signs of wear, overuse or dirt, suddenly they become talking points. By that time, restoring a carpet’s original health can be very expensive, and sometimes impossible. As experts in carpet cleaning Gold Coast homeowners and businesses call, we know how important regular cleaning is.

    Maintaining Traditional Carpets

    People still choose carpets over other flooring types if they can. That’s because there’s nothing quite like a carpet indoors. Childhood memories of running through the house barefoot on the carpet stay with people. Of course, parents choose carpets exactly for these reasons, of comfort and safety. It’s much better for a toddler to fall over on carpet than any other floor covering.

    This traditional carpet feel is also complimented by some quite surprising new technology. Hidden within the carpet’s structure can be compound materials stitched together with computerised precision. These features have been developed over recent years to make carpets even more useful. Of course, this technology is hidden from the naked eye, and usually trampled underfoot.

    Man made fibres are used to give carpets extra lifespan. They are extremely durable, which is especially useful in some situations. Offices with heavily trafficked areas, for example, benefit from the latest carpet materials and manufacturing techniques. However, to be of real value, these carpets have to be properly maintained.

    Regular Carpet Cleaning

    As practitioners in carpet cleaning Gold Coast people trust, we know that even modern carpets can hide problems. The fact is that carpet fibres are the perfect host for unseen germs which can cause disease. Even regular vacuum cleaning doesn’t get rid of these microbes, and people’s health can suffer because of them.
    Recent research has shown that asthma sufferers can be affected by unclean carpets. This is a result of simple dust, which gets disturbed by footsteps and other traffic. Not only dust, but bacteria such as salmonella also find a haven in carpets. They hide in the places where the fibres join with the backing.
    Luckily, having your carpets cleaned twice a year gets rid of all these problems. There is no one size fits all with modern cleaning; each treatment is tailored for the appropriate carpet. Heavily trafficked areas should be dealt with separately, so they don’t look any different to the rest of the carpet.

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