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    Why Our Gold Coast Carpet Cleaning Is Better

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    Published: 07.03.2019

    When you have carpets fitted in your home, they add warmth, colour, style and even elegance to it.
    They can also be very expensive to purchase and install which is why you should always take advantage of carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast.
    Here at The Carpet Surgeon we are here to keep your carpets looking and feeling fantastic while keeping you and your loved ones safe from the dangers that can lie deep in the fibres.
    But what do we bring to your home or office that makes us stand out from the rest and give you the ultimate carpet cleaning experience?

    We Know Carpets

    When it comes to carpets and tiled flooring, we have over 10 years experience in caring for and carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast.
    Most people do not realise that each carpet is different from another. It depends on the materials and fibres involved in the manufacture of your carpet as to how we undertake the cleaning. If you treat every carpet the same, it can damage the fibres beyond repair as the methods are not suitable and that can result in a costly re-carpeting trip.

    We treat each and every carpet dependant on its core materials so that you can enjoy a clean and soft carpet, free from bacteria and dirt that will last for its maximum lifespan.

    The Best Methods

    After your carpet has been thoroughly vacuumed it can look clean and healthy.
    What you cannot see however, is the bacteria and dirt that is clinging to the root of the fibres deep down. Steam cleaning may not be the answer to these problems as done incorrectly can leave too much moisture in the carpet which will lead to mould and mildew build ups.

    Whether you have stubborn stains, want to bring your carpet back to life or remove stubborn smells that are imbedded due to your pets, we know the best ways to rid the carpet of the smells and stains and leave it looking and feeling like it was installed yesterday.

    Industry Leading Equipment

    We will only ever use the best equipment available to ensure that your carpets are beautiful and fresh.
    They get deep into the core of the carpet where harmful bacteria may grow, which then pose a health risk to your family through touch and deterioration of the air quality in the home.

    Our team is highly trained with every method, product and piece of machinery that we use and are dedicated to your health and to giving you the best possible finish.

    Lets Us Refresh Your Home

    The only way that you can make sure that you have fully cleaned, and sanitary carpets are to hire our team here at The Carpet Surgeon.
    With our vast knowledge and experience of carpet cleaning on the Gold Coast you will be amazed by the result.

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